Friends of the Eureka! Zientzia Museoa

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Life is about sensations; seeing, touching, listening, watching... That is why you have a unique space very close to you where all those questions in the field of Science you may have asked yourself will finally get an answer.

How? Just by becoming a Friend of the Eureka! Science Museum.


 And that way you can enjoy being able to:

Friend Card Reduce Under 18 years or up to 65 33€ a year

Adult Friend Card From 18 to 65 years and with free access for children under 12 years. 40€ a year 

Family Friend Card Two adult and children under 12 year. 70€ a year



  • Visit the Museum as often as you want and look at its permanent exhibitions and participate in the organised events and demonstrations.
  • Go whenever you want to the Planetarium*, workshops*, and the Planetarium Txiki*, etc.
  • Be given priority when registering, and a discounts on the activities organised by the Museum, and its courses (astronomy, robotics, etc.) or excursions, etc.
  • Take your children under 9 free of charge, as long as you accompany them.
  • Have a totally personalised card.
  • What is more, from time to time information on courses, workshops and activities being run at the Eureka Zientzia Museoa will be sent to you at your home address.

Simply fill in the attached form and post it to us. We will very soon be sending you your personal card.



(*) Subject to availability of places.
. Make sure you fill in all the compulsory fields on the form. -->