Txiki Planetarium



The Txiki Planetarium is the area set aside for our youngest visitors. In this dome, the new digital star projector shows us the sky and far more besides in close-contact, entertaining sessions which are always live. Learning about the Earth’s basic movements, the characteristics of the planets that make up our solar system and recognising the constellations are some of the endless number of things we offer in this area. Check what we offer for private individuals and schoolchildren. Activities in Eureka.

The adventures of LITO the asteroide
Discovering the solar system

How big is our universe? Galaxies, stars and planets – everything looks so far away. However, information reaches the Earth from its furthest corners in the form of meteorites. We shall be guided around the area by a very special, curious and brave asteroide called LITO - the space adventurer. Shooting stars alongside nebulous and giant red stars and our friend the Moon are some of the protagonists on this journey. Don’t miss the chance to touch a real meteorite at the end of the session.

¿Do you know about everything that can be seen in a star-spangled sky? We will show it to you at the Txiki Planetarium. The stars trace constellations, and behind them are concealed stories of heroes and adventures. But not all points of light are stars. Would you know how to distinguish a planet? We invite you to learn about and visit the eight planets that make up our solar system.